IRS Tax Schooling known as the IRS Tax Academy an independently owned IRS continuing education provider in Alabama that provides tax training to tax professionals all over the world. We focus on teaching tax pros tax laws, due diligence, interview techniques and more in a way that is easily understood. Our focus is to help individuals to prepare ethical tax returns with a focus towards those preparers who work in the low to modern income community. We exist to provide individuals with the education and training to succeed in the tax industry in any state. We are a one stop shop for tax professionals. We provide coaching, software, resources, and tools to help you exceed in the tax industry.
  • Continuing education credits

    Receive a certificate of completion and continuing education credits from the IRS upon successful completion of course

  • All inclusive

    Everything that you need to succeed is in the course. We provide quality training videos, digital workbooks, and resources (if applicable) included in your cost

  • Teaching Methods

    We teach in a way that is easily understood, We breakdown the tax laws, provide scenarios and examples, and some of the courses may make your laugh.

  • Customer Service Support

    If you have questions, you can easily reach our customer service support or instructor(s) to answer any questions


  • We provide training and refresher courses to tax business owners and tax preparers who are experience or just entering int the tax industry

  • We assist tax business owners with office setup including EFIN application, bank application assistance for bank products, software purchase, office setup and templates, and software purchase.

  • We provide professional tax software at a competitive and low cost rate


What are you waiting for? Grab your seat into one of the best tax school in the world


Questions and Answers to the Most Asked Questions

  • Do I have to work for a tax firm in order to attend the classes?

    NO, our courses are designed to help individuals understand tax preparation as a paid tax preparer and tax business owners with opening and running a compliant tax firm. You are not required to be affiliated with any tax firm. ​

  • How long do I have access to the course?

    You will have access until December 31st of the year that you purchased the course. The course does not roll over to the next year.

  • Do I have to be a tax preparer in order to take the course?

    NO, some of our students take the course so they can be knowledgeable as a tax client. How you apply the information after graduation is totally up to you.

  • Is the course online?

    Yes, our students enjoy the flexible of being able to take the course online and in the privacy of their own home. You have access and the ability to complete the course at your own pace by the deadline.

  • What happens if I get stuck or have questions?

    No problem, you will have an assigned instructor provided during your enrollment period.

  • Can I work for myself?

    Our students can work for themselves or for a tax firm or even decide not to work in the tax industry after taking the course. It is totally up to you. It is our goal to provide you with the knowledge and training that you need regardless of the path you decide after training.

  • What happens after training?

    If you successful complete the course and you're able to obtain a PTIN, you will receive continuing education credits and certificate of completion from the IRS. We also have additional resources available if you are interested in moving forward in the tax industry independently, partnership or as an employee. ​

We take pride in providing quality training to Tax Pros Worldwide


Instructor & Taxpreneur

Dr. Dee Fomby

Who is Dr. Dee Fomby? Dee Edwards has a passion to help other tax professionals to start, grow or build a six figure tax firm. She takes pride in understanding tax laws, ethics, and strategies to help new tax pros get started in the tax industry quickly and help experienced tax pros make more money. After seeing the lack of resources available for minority tax professionals who service tax clients in low to middle income community, she uses her time to train, coach, write, provide resources, and software to educate others on how to build ethical tax practices.