IRS All-In-One Tax Training Program

Here are all the courses that are included in your bundle.


  • How many continuing education credits are included in the bundle package

    There are a total of 27 continuing education credits that will be reported to the IRS. At the completion of the entire bundle, you will be given 3 in ethics, 16 in federal tax law, 6 for the AFTR program.

  • How much is the bundle?

    Three monthly payments of only $99 that will be deducted on the same day of each month.

  • What if I finish the course before the three months?

    You are still obligated to pay for the 3 months. Your continuing education credits will not be reported to the IRS until all three payments are received.

  • Can I pay for the course in one payment?

    Yes, you can. When you checkout, there will be an option to select payment plan or one time payment

  • What does the courses consist of?

    The courses consist of a combination of videos, digital workbooks, additional reading material, review, and final exam.


School is now in session

We are the only continuing education provider that is Black and Independently Owned based out of Alabama. We take provide in providing our students with quality information especially for individuals who work in the low - medium income community. We stand behind our work guaranteed. Enrollment is now opened for only $99 to get started!